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Global Craftsmanship, British Oversight 🇬🇧

At LT Glow, we seamlessly blend international artistry with British business ethics to create high-quality handcrafted fake nails. Though our handmade press-on nails are designed by skilled artisans worldwide, each piece is curated, examined, and distributed under the stringent standards and values that the UK is renowned for. By choosing LT Glow, you embrace a world of beauty, backed by our commitment to excellence. Your trust is our pride, and your beauty is our masterpiece.


I've always been a fan of fake nails, but the handmade press-on nails from LT Glow have truly transformed my nail game. The acrylic nail design options are just mesmerizing. Definitely my go-to from now on!


Never thought I'd be this obsessed with handmade press-on nails! The designs are so intricate and professional. LT Glow has nailed it, pun intended!


I was skeptical about fake nails, thinking they'd look, well, fake. But the handmade press-ons from LT Glow are on another level. My girlfriend loves the acrylic nail designs. Thanks for making gift shopping easier!


Handmade press-on nails are a lifesaver for someone like me, always on the go. But the acrylic designs from LT Glow, are just the cherry on top. They're beautiful and last so long!


I purchased a set of handcrafted fake nails from LT Glow for my wife, and she was over the moon! She says the acrylic nail designs are some of the best she's ever seen. Well done!


Being a nail enthusiast, I've tried numerous brands. But the handmade press-on nails from LT Glow, especially their acrylic nail designs, are in a league of their own. So chic and durable!


Gifted a set of false nails from LT Glow to my sister, and now she won't stop talking about them! She's especially fond of the acrylic designs. Looks like I'll be shopping here more often!


I recently dove into the world of handcrafted false nails, and I'm so impressed with LT Glow's range. Their acrylic nail designs are not only stunning but also durable. A win-win!


My wife is a huge fan of hand-painted nail art. When I came across LT Glow's collection of handmade press-on nails with such intricate acrylic designs, I knew I'd found the perfect anniversary gift. She absolutely loved them!


I've dabbled with various fake nails over the years, but nothing comes close to LT Glow's handmade press-on nails. The attention to detail, especially in their acrylic nail designs, is unparalleled. They're a game-changer for me!


My girlfriend was thrilled with the false nails set I got her from LT Glow. She's particularly smitten with the acrylic nail designs. It's her top pick now for any special occasion!